Dori Jones, Administrator and Recording Corresponding Secretary


Jerry Conner Business Agent President
Brady Horne Business Manager Vice President
Raymond Staton Jr Business Agent Treasurer
Matt Baker Assistant Training Director Recording Corresponding Secretary
Dori Jones Administrator (retiring December 10, 2021)
Becky Lee Secretary
Chris Webb Financial Secretary
Gerald Simpson Training Director Trustee
Open Member-at-Large Stationary
Shane Eley Member-at-Large Richmond
Mike Benjamin Member-at-Large/Auditor Norfolk
Open Guard/Conductor

As an integral part of its commitment to provide highly skilled heavy equipment operators and stationary/facilities engineers to the construction, stationary and environmental industries, the International Union of Operating Engineers developed and implemented comprehensive training programs that are widely recognized as the best in those industries.

IUOE local unions throughout the U. S. and Canada , with extensive support and input from the International Union, administer the training programs.

Additionally, the IUOE has cooperative working agreements with the U. S. Department of Energy to administer and operate the nation’s foremost hazardous materials (HAZMAT) training program and the International Environmental Technology and Training Center , both located at the IUOE National Hazmat Project in Beckley, WV.

The IUOE also participates in the Job Corps program, a training program for young people, age 16 – 24. The IUOE has training agreements with the U.S. Departments of Labor and Agriculture to administer and operate pre-apprenticeship training programs at various Job Corps training centers throughout the U.S.