2019 Retirees



There will be a retirees breakfast the first Wednesday of every month with the Business Manager, Darold Kemp at Frank’s Truck Stop in Chesapeake at 9 am.Contact Eugene Corbin at 804-539-4076 (cell) for breakfast dates, locations and time for Richmond retirees.

Dear Retired members,
Once again we are trying to start a retirees club. If you are interested please contact Ron Thompson at 757-241-2082 or Jesse Summerford at 757-238-9433 or Ronnie Biafore at 757-488-3981. You can also call Mike Kowalski at the office.

Fraternally yours,
Darold S Kemp
Business Manager

Notice to all Retirees and working members:

The democratic party needs our help in manning phone banks canvassing neighborhoods and doing whatever you can do. If you want to help the republicans you will need to find another contact person.

Fraternally yours,
Ron Thompson