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You get these money-saving benefits by joining the IUOE…

They’re provided by the IUOE to help you and your family save money on a wide range of everyday benefits and services. But they are for members only.

So in addition to a fair contract and a voice at the workplace, you’ll get money-saving benefits. Members are often able to save more money by using these benefits than they would pay in dues.

Master Card. Special union-negotiated credit card with low variable rate–one of the lowest in the country. No annual fee. No fees for ATM use, cash advances or checks. Includes a unique union design and saves about $80 per year versus other cards.
  Mortgage and Real Estate Program. Buying, selling, refinancing made easier, more affordable. Competitive rate mortgages for home purchases or refinancing your existing mortgage. Lay-off and disability special assistance and help for first-time buyers. Special savings on real estate agent services.
 legal Legal Services. Free and discounted legal services from union-friendly lawyers. Includes free consultation (up to 30 minutes).
  Life Insurance. Supplemental insurance with guaranteed coverage for any union member. Low group rates and special union-only benefits.
 loan Loan Program. Low interest personal loans with lower rates and longer terms that mean more affordable monthly payments.
  Union Family Savers. Savings on day-to-day products and services, including discounts on mail-order prescription drugs, hearing aids, flowers, theme parks, dental benefits and more.

For More Information, See Your Union Representative